satisfaction guarantee – free 90-day returns
the only product of its kind

n-audio Next Level Sound

  • Widens and deepens the soundstage
  • Reflects precise instrument placement
  • Recovers unheard sounds


n-audio are simple to install speaker pads. Put them under your speaker ALWAYS with the window facing up, towards the speaker bottom or instrument.

We offer n-audio speaker pads in 3 versions:

Wood – for home use,

Silver – premium,

Gold – for use directly on instruments, e.g. clarinets or other woodwinds but also guitars.

90-day satisfaction guarantee!
We’re so sure that you’ll love our product that we offer you a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
Uncovers new sound
QFL modifies the air structure around the speaker, so you hear sounds that you’ve never heard before.
Precise instrument placement
The sound extends outside the speaker zone. The speakers seem to disappear, leaving only pure music.
QFL System
Instrument sound
Using QFL – Quantum Field Lens is the biggest innovation in the field of sound modification and soundstage expansion in recent years. And it’s perfect for home environments, concert halls and with instruments alike. QFL modifies the air structure around the speaker or the instrument, so you hear sounds that you’ve never heard before The resulting effect astounds professional acousticians and music lovers alike.
The sound source seems to “disappear” which means that the sound moves away from the speakers, leaving the music itself. The soundstage becomes broader and deeper. The music instruments placement is more precise and the overall sound – more natural.
The instruments sound more natural and the vocals gain clarity.
The wooden pads are 50×11 mm, while the gold and silver – 25×5 mm.



1. How is your product different from your competitors?
It’s absolutely unique. This is a proprietary product and almost certainly the only solution of this kind worldwide.
2. What’s the lead time?
The pads are in stock. Both wooden and silver. Gold pads are made to order.
3. What’s this technology about?
The QFL technology in the pads restructures the air around the speakers or instruments, thus uncovering new tones and sounds that you didn’t hear before.
4. How much does it cost?
Get a set of 2 wood pads for 2 speakers for 830 PLN. Or buy a single pad at 415 PLN. Silver pads are priced at 850 PLN per pad.
5. What guarantee do I have that they will work?
You can find out if they work on your own. You have 90 days to test the product. If after 90 days of testing you’re not happy with the effect, you can return them free of charge. We only ask that you retain proof of purchase that’s required for a return.